First Vice Chair and PCO Coordinator Reports Feb 2019


  1. Prepared Membership sign-up list to utilize for monthly general meetings. This document is created from the web site membership list, which was updated and cleaned up by Chair and Vice Chair. The membership sign-up list task will be transferred to the Chair of the Diversity & Membership Committee.
  2. Created identification badges for all PCOs. General Member badges will be created once the web site is updated to enable the printing of correct information on each general member’s identification badge.
  3. Worked large amount of hours with Treasurer and Chair to convert financial reporting from mini reporting to full reporting beginning January 1, 2019.


  1. Currently have 54 PCOs. Increased by 1 since last month.
  2. No canvassing or phone banking activity to report.
  3. PCO Coordinator has offered 1-on-1 Votebuilder database training to all PCOs during these winter months so more PCOs will be ready to create walk lists for their precincts and get to know their voters.