May 2019 General Business Meeting Minutes

The May 2019 General Business Meeting of the Washington State 21st Legislative District Democratic Party Organization took place on May 15, 2019, at the Mukilteo City Hall.

Acceptance of the Minute from the Last Meeting
The minutes were accepted without objection.

Adoption of the Agenda
The agenda was adopted without objection.

Guest Speakers
Our featured speaker for the evening was State Senator Marko Liias. He spoke to the members about recent successes and future goals in Olympia. He also answered several member questions.

Other guest speakers included candidates for local office, including:
Jennifer Gregerson, candidate for Snohomish County Council, position #2;
Gene Hart, candidate for Washington State Governor (in 2020);
Tyler Verda, candidate for Snohomish County Council, position #2;
Richard Wright, speaking on behalf of his wife Stephanie Wright, candidate for Snohomish County Council, position #3;
Louis Harris, candidate for Snohomish County Council, position #2;
Jenna Nand, candidate for Edmonds City Council, position #4;
Willie Russell, candidate for Snohomish County Council, position #3;
Riaz Khan, candidate for Mukilteo City Council.

Officer’s Reports
Treasurer David Chan read the account balances and discussed upcoming expenses, such as the LD caucus.

Chair Sharon Holt extended special thanks to the Secretary, Neil Shafer-Ross, for his recent hard work on behalf of the LD. She also mentioned that certain appointed positions in the LD are still vacant, and asked for any volunteers for Parliamentarian, Deputy Treasurer, Young Democrats Liaison, Backup Secretary, and Backup Sergeant at Arms. Sharon’s full report can be read here:

Secretary Neil Shafer-Ross had no report, other than to point out that his laptop had experienced a technical problem, and as a result his notes would not be as comprehensive as usual. He encouraged officers to digitize their reports, for easy linking from the minutes.

State Committeeperson Shaun Olsen reported on a recent procedure change at the state committee: despite Shaun’s objections, the state committee has stopped publishing the “where as” portion of resolutions, and is only publishing the “therefore” sections.

County Committeeperson Rose Andrews reported on recent events at the county committee, including the resignation of the Fair Committee chair. Her full report can be read here:

Sue Nicholls, the newly confirmed Chair of the Fundraising Committee, reintroduced an idea from last year to hold “mini silent auctions” every month as a way to raise money. These would involve small gifts in kind from LD members, that would then be auctioned off.

Clare Van Hollebeke, Chair of the Endorsements Committee, reminded the members of the upcoming Special Endorsements Meeting on Sunday, May 19, starting at 4:00 PM, also at the Mukilteo City Hall.

New Business
During her officer’s report, Sharon informed the members that two members of the Fundraising Committee, including Chair Roger Pence, had resigned. Sue Nicholls had volunteered to become the new Chair of the Fundraising Committee, an appointment which required confirmation by the body. Sue Nicholls was confirmed as Chair of the Fundraising Committee without objection.

Old Business
Al Apodaca, Vice-Chair and PCO Coordinator, is interested in holding PCO training sessions with any interested PCOs in the LD.

The meeting also went into Executive Session briefly to discuss an internal matter.

Good of the Order
Peter Henry shared with the members an opportunity to phone bank for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign. Interested members are invited to email Peter at