LD21 – Endorsed Candidates – 05/25/2022

County Office Term Incumbent Statewide U.S. Senator 6-year Regular term, Partisan Patty Murray King, Snohomish U.S. Representative 2-year Regular term, Partisan Suzan DelBene Snohomish State Senator 4-year Regular term, Partisan Marko Liias Snohomish State Representative … Read More

Endorsements – 05-27-2021

Primary ballots should be in your mailbox or arriving shortly. Please make sure you vote and encourage your friends and family to participate in primaries! You will find a list of the candidates currently endorsed … Read More


Resolution recommending law enforcement policy regarding search/arrest warrantshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ng8_QXWz4kMGqCZX4ZFRnbjUgmK6kKS7R8xmoiu7p0A/edit?usp=sharing Resolution for Safe Opening of Schoolshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/18NH1EnrzbvC9Aqk21aE1b4PMGkDn25R8DIMttVzR3X0/edit?usp=sharing Resolution in support of raising homestead exemptionhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1jBjUhnoXK3tGlKOzuR_uOw9qpv84irJV0CQf4NaDPPE/edit?usp=sharing Resolution to prosecute Donald Trump as an accessory to a pandemic – 2nd degree … Read More

April 2020 Membership Report

TIME TO JOIN / RENEW ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPSIt is time for all members and PCOs to renew their 21st LD Dems Org. membership and pay annual dues (unless waived – send a request to chair).  This … Read More

April 13 Endorsement Committee meeting minutes

The Endorsements Committee of the 21st LD Democratic Party Organization met on April 13. There was a quorum of three members present: Chair Clare Van Hollebeke, Neil Shafer-Ross, and Larry McIntosh. Ex officio member Sharon … Read More

Education & Issues 12/12 Meeting Summary

We demand pay!

Having just passed new bylaws, we reviewed the Education and Issues section to remind ourselves of the committee’s mission statement. 1) Train members and PCO’s in: i) meeting process ii) canvassing 2) Educate on issues … Read More

Education & Issues 7/11 Meeting Summary

We had a nice casual meeting, and did some proofreading to Leilani’s rough draft of the email requesting our legislator’s priorities for the next session regarding local issues. Once they respond, we can use that … Read More