PCO 2021 – 2022

PLEASE NOTE – Per 21st LD Bylaws, this information is for use ONLY for 21st LD Dems business. Not for personal or commercial use. The following are the PCOs Elected for the 2021 – 2022 … Read More

21st LD Bylaws – Reorg Amendments Proposed

Bylaws 21st LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION Preamble Pursuant to the Charter of the Democratic Party of the United States, the Charter of the Democratic Party of the State of Washington, and the Snohomish County Democratic … Read More

21st LD Online Governance Standing Rules

Click HERE A few minor updates to add MailChimp, Slack, and Simpletexting accounts to this document. Proposed for re-adoption at ReOrganization on Dec 5, 2020 Text appears below or use link to document Click HERE … Read More

21st LD Rules Committee Reorg Recommendations

The following documents are the 21st LD Dems Rules Committee Recommendations to adopt at reorganization. A description of the changes is also included. This can be adopted as one Slate of all documents,  or by … Read More

21st LD Electronic Meeting Standing Rules

Purpose: This document is a Standing Rule of the 21st LD Dems, covering electronic meetings.  Zoom is the tool used by 21st LD Dems Org to run electronic meetings, as of March 2019, until further … Read More

21st LD Organization Special Rules

Special Rules of Order These rules relate to parliamentary process and supersede the Parliamentary Authority. These rules may be passed, suspended, or removed in accordance with the Parliamentary Authority. Limits for debate shall be set … Read More

21st LD Democrats Standing Rules

PURPOSE: Standing rules are documented here for the purpose of better understanding the basic and customary procedures and rules followed by the 21st LD Democratic organization.  This document is subject to review and adjustment by … Read More