County Committee Report 9/26/18

The county is considering amending their by-laws to include rules on consent for filming meetings. If this is something you want a say on, it is suggested you participate on the committee. Please contact the … Read More

New Membership Cards Available!

New Membership Cards We are happy to announce that the board has approved new membership cards for our members and we’ll have them in time for the August 29 meeting! We’ve also purchased durable holders … Read More

8/29/18 County Committee Report

21st LD report – County Committee Mostly Reminders – Events: For endorsed candidates who would like the county to share their events they can email them to The Blue Wave Gala event – Sept … Read More

7/25/18 County Committee Report

County General meeting back on the 7th. We endorsed Shelley Koloba and Derek Standford running for the 1st LD legislature. As well as a resolution to abolish ICE. The county also restaffed the e-board with … Read More

July Secretary’s Report

Hard to believe it’s almost August already! The Washington State primary election is almost here, and in a few short weeks we’ll know which of our Puget Sound area Democratic candidates will be squaring off … Read More

New Communication Features

Greetings fellow members, As promised, we are beginning to roll out some new features on our website that will help increase communications and provide central places to go for information from committees and officers. Some … Read More