Bylaws Amendments

Updates for Code of Conduct and Full PDC Reporting

Ranked Choice Voting

Resolution Supporting the Implementation of Ranked Choice Voting WHEREAS the State Legislature is considering HB 1310 relating to the presidential primary in an attempt to amend the presidential primary process; and WHEREAS Democrats hold majorities … Read More

21st LD Committees

The appointed Committee Chairs and proposed volunteers are listed below.Contact the chair to join or change committees, or contact   Email DIVERSITY & MEMBERSHIP Darla Varrenti – Committee Chair Al Apodaca  – Comm. Vice Chair, EB David Chan Joel Ware IV Denisa Ruxandar Simone Gomes … Read More

Code of Conduct Procedure

Purpose These procedures govern the handling of complaints that arise under the Code of Conduct guidelines. Definitions As used in these procedures: 21st LD – The 21st Legislative District Democratic Organization Executive Board – The … Read More