General Member Meeting 10/21/20 Via Zoom

Meeting call to order 7:02PM Our organization has grown and gone over the 100 mark.  Pledge of Allegiance.  Agenda was reviewed and approved.  Guest Speakers: Rick Larsen: RIck’s campaign has been going well. He has … Read More

General Member Meeting Via Zoom 9/16/2020

Meeting Call to Order: 7:06 PM Fundraising has been going very well this year. We have Biden/Harris signs for sale.  PCO’s will be getting a survey on September 27th to help recruit PCO’s from precincts … Read More

General Member Meeting Via Zoom 7/15/20

7PM Meeting Call to order We went over the agenda and it was adopted. Chair Announcements: Welcome to the New Members and PCOs Sharon acknowledged our native tribes that were originally in our area.  Our … Read More

June 17, 2020 21st LD Meeting Minutes

Call to Order 7:02 Chair welcomes new members Special Guest – Bob Hasegawa – presentation with Q&A on State Bank in WA – To get involved or get more information there is a Facebook page … Read More

General Member Meeting Done Virtually 4/15/20

Meeting Call to order: 7:01pm No new members this month. Will not approve meeting minutes until we meet in person. Agenda Approved Guest Speakers: Pramila Jayapal: Thanked everyone for what we have done. We have … Read More

February 19th 2020 General Member Meeting

21st Legislative District Democrats Location: Rose Hill Community Center February 19, 2020  Meeting call to order 7:01pm We welcomed 5 new members  Sharon did the usual reminder of the code of conduct. Although this is … Read More

General Member Meeting 1/29/20:

Meeting Call to Order 7:04pm Welcome New Members and new PCO’s Sharon did the usual reminder of the Code of Conduct. That we are a private organization and that this is a  private meeting while … Read More